Innovations in Air Conditioner units

Here we have some of the latest innovations in Air Conditioner industry that you can expect to see in the industry and at home near you soon.

  1. Thermostatically controlled air conditioner

One of the newest idea is design implemented by the company named Chromasun. The company has produced a low-cost replacement to traditional A/C units. Thermally driven air conditioning uses solar energy and is complete by natural gas, what makes it a highly efficient and effective system. The double-chiller design provides more cooling ways than other systems.

2. Recirculation of hot water on demand

One of the company has designed an “on command” pump for a home, which allows cool water to be circulated back into the water heater. This product is a solution to a major problem. Each year, the average home wastes 12,000 gallons of water because of waiting for that water to warm up. Recirculating this otherwise-wasted water back into the system is an eco-friendly solution.

3. Smart Homes

Connected systems and phone apps allow us to control our home’s heating, cooling at the push of a virtual button. Increasingly HVAC engineers and designers approach the next innovation, which is good news for all who appreciate high-tech solutions.

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