Using the air conditioner in winter

Air conditioning in the winter is a little known topic, and yet it would be ideal if one device be used throughout the year, regardless of the conditions outside and always have a comfortable temperature inside the building. The air conditioning is good for fall and mild winter.

It turns out that most often the work of air conditioning in winter in heating mode is the more energy-efficient, the outside it is warmer. Using the air conditioner as an electric heater is much cheaper than traditional electric heating. The air conditioner’s operating system makes it a kind of air-to-air heat pump. The air conditioner itself can thus act as a heater with air blowing. When choosing an air conditioner operating throughout the year, special attention should be paid to the optimal range of external and internal temperatures that allow it to work in the state of highest efficiency.

Air conditioner as a heater is aesthetic, its use can be economical, and it is easy to use. Functional additional heating is always an asset for our comfort and convenience.

One can not omit one very important factor – the air conditioner supplies clean and therefore healthy air to the building, which is an invaluable value. All air conditioners have filters that absorb dust, pollen and all air pollution.

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