The air conditioners operate unattended, so we should remember that over time, dirt appears on the surface of their heat exchangers, fan blades and drip trays – coming from the dust, dust, fungi and bacteria in the air. Most of these impurities hold back the filter. Therefore, we must remember about a regular air conditioning service carried out by professionals who clean the filters and components inside the air conditioner.

Dirt and sediment on the filter of the air conditioner settles depending on how often your air conditioner works. If you use an air conditioner with moderate intensity, it is advisable to regularly clean it by service technicians twice a year – once in the spring and once in the autumn. If there are filters that hold small particles in the air conditioner, they should be replaced with new ones during the review.


Performing service work should be carried out by trained service technicians as part of the air conditioning service inspections. If you try to tinker yourself with the air conditioner, it may end up not only with the loss of the warranty, but also with damage to the device. During the review, experts remove the device’s housing and disassemble some of its components. It is necessary to use special tools to get rid of mushrooms and aggressive substances, so do not try to carry out the inspection yourself. A special place inside the cabinet, which professionals must thoroughly clean, is a condensate collecting tray, because it is here that pathogenic micro-organisms develop.


The air conditioner, just like any device, requires proper maintenance and cleaning. Manufacturers recommend that the air-conditioning system should be reviewed twice a year. Thanks to this, we are sure that the air from the air conditioner is free from fungi and pathogenic microorganisms.

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