Air conditioning in the office

Air conditioning in the workplace is at this point the standard in most companies, offices and service outlets, regardless of their size or business profile. Thanks to the lowering of the temperature, the employer creates comfortable conditions, thanks to which the employees are more productive and assess their workplace better. The optimal conditions that should be provided to office employees are 24 degrees in summer and around 22 degrees in winter. Air humidity should remain in the range of 40-60%. The installation of air conditioning not only provides it, but also allows you to correct it on a regular basis depending on your needs.

A wide range allows to choose the most suitable solutions tailored to the specifics of a given company and room characteristics. The basic division of air conditioners distinguishes them from the point of installation.

Wall air conditioners.

Floor – ceiling air conditioners

Cassette and duct air conditioners (used for suspended ceilings)

Portable air conditioners (not intended for permanent installation)

An additional category are split air conditioners and multisplit. They consist of two elements, one of which is mounted outside the building. Their basic feature is the ability to operate several indoor air conditioners by only one unit placed outside. In order to take full advantage of the advantages of office air-conditioning, you need to select the equipment and use the services of professional companies that also provide the air-conditioning service.

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