How to prepare for summer heat? Which air conditioner should I choose?

Which air conditioner should I choose? This question is asking more and more people, because the last heat in cities can be really tiring. In the heated apartments, high temperature can persist not only during the day, but also in the evening or at night, making rest and sleep more difficult. In heat, we are looking for different methods for cooling. Cooling drinks, fans, fans – these are only half measures. If we want to achieve a more lasting effect of lowering the temperature, we should invest in the appropriate equipment – air conditioner.

Air conditioners can be divided into several types. There are:

  • compact portable air conditioners,
  • split mobile air conditioners,
  • various types of stationary air conditioners,

which are the best solution for larger homes. We will not deal with these last ones, because they are devices that should be taken into account during the construction or thorough renovation of a house / flat, and not only to realize the ad hoc need to cool down in hot weather. In addition, they are usually the most expensive.

The air conditioner works in such a way that the cooling agent evaporated in a closed circulation in the evaporator causes a significant cooling of the evaporator. The air driven by the built-in fan is cooled during the passage through the evaporator and then leaves the device to cool the room. As the refrigerant circuit in the air conditioner is closed, this refrigerant must be condensed again after evaporation.

However, you must remember a fairly important thing. In the air conditioner, the air not only cools, but also heats up. The condensation of the refrigerant causes the temperature to rise.

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