Choosing an air conditioner. What to look for?

Installations of air conditioners in residential buildings are slowly ceasing to be a luxury only for selected ones. Suppliers and assembly companies offer a range of solutions tailored to the individual needs of recipients. Among them are portable air conditioners, split and multisplit. What are the differences between these devices?

Increasingly hotter years, the availability of air conditioners and affordable investment costs mean that every year more and more people are considering the possibility of installing an air conditioner at home.

Portable air conditioners

This is certainly the cheapest solution that will help us survive the worst heat. The popularity of these devices is primarily influenced by their easy availability. Models from various price levels in the season can be found in almost all DIY stores. However, not many people realize that portable air conditioners require constant access to outside air, for example an open window. It is through them that a warm air will be discharged outside using a flexible tube.

The problem is that we let warm air back in again. This dependence can translate into device performance, but also our home budget. The monoblock air conditioner needs a lot of energy to deal with the heat and cool the air in a given room. In the summer you have to prepare yourself for up to twice as high electricity bills.

The greatest advantage of this type of devices is their mobility – depending on the needs we can set them anywhere in the home. Remember that the air conditioner must have some space around it to work . These devices do not work silently, so it will be difficult to fall asleep.

Split air conditioners (two-piece)

They consist of an internal and external unit, so-called evaporator and condenser. In the middle are usually mounted on the wall or just under the ceiling, but we can also meet floor type or coffered air conditioners. The outer part with the condenser is mounted on the facade, roof, balcony or chimney, which allows you to get rid of noise from the interior of the house.

Both units must be connected with each other by a suitable cooling installation, and this to some extent limits us in choosing the place for assembly. Split devices are permanently installed – we use them to cool down the selected part of the house, kitchen or living room. If we decide to install in a block, we will first have to get permission from the manager, community or cooperative to mount the outdoor unit.

Installation work does not require major modifications of the installation at home. Modern design and colors of devices will allow us to fit the device neatly into the interior of the apartment, which is undoubtedly one of the advantages of this solution.

Multisplit air conditioners

It is a central air conditioning system, which gives the greatest opportunities for conditioning the whole apartment or house. The system itself does not differ from the split air conditioner practically nothing. The multisplit system, as the name suggests, is a multitude of splits, which gives the possibility of using one aggregate / outdoor unit with several internal devices „evaporators” that can handle several rooms at the same time.

The decision to install the multisplit should be made at the stage of designing or building a house to avoid later, costly alterations. It is worth remembering that the cooling system must be routed to the outdoor unit from each air conditioner. When it comes to housing, it is the most expensive, and at the same time the least – chosen option.

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