How to choose air conditioning for a child?

Air conditioning is one of those modern solutions that effectively helps us to survive even the greatest heat, bringing immediate relief in the privacy of your home. But is the cool air from the air conditioning that is ideal for adults, it also serves small households well? Is it possible to use air conditioning with a small child, so as not to expose him to various types of infections dangerous to his health?

Both overheating and too much cooling of the child’s body can lead to unpleasant health consequences. The air conditioning system must therefore be used sensibly under certain basic operating principles. Remember to keep the right humidity and temperature in the living rooms.

According to experts, the temperature difference outside and inside the room should not exceed 5-6 ° C. So if there is 30oC of heat outside, inside the house or flat, the optimal temperature should be around 24oC, and the air humidity within 40-70 percent. If the temperature difference is too high, the child will definitely catch a cold.

The temperature in the home should primarily be dictated by the child’s age. Newborns due to physiological structure (low weight affects the lower ability to retain heat in the body) and a specific lifestyle (frequent rewinding and feeding even at night) must be provided with more heat. The optimal temperature in a flat for a newborn should not be less than 24oC around the clock.

Slightly older children should be provided with a temperature of 20oC during the day and around 18-19oC at night. If the air conditioning is to be turned on all night, it should be remembered that after a few hours of operation of the device in the rooms it can be quite chilly.

It should also be remembered that too high temperature promotes the formation of harmful mites and other dangerous microorganisms. In children, mite allergy can occur at any age, leading to symptoms of atopic dermatitis or even bronchial asthma.

During the operation of air conditioning, water may form on some parts of the device, in which fungi, molds and bacteria develop. They are harmful to our child and can cause infections with symptoms similar to flu or pneumonia. If an air conditioning system is installed in your home or apartment, care should be taken to ensure that this type of equipment is properly maintained. Each air-conditioning user is obliged to regularly service air-conditioning devices at least twice a year.

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