Everything you need to know before installing the air conditioning

Assembly company

An important step is choosing the company responsible for the design and installation of the air conditioner. To this end, one should be guided by experience, acquired certificates and completed orders carried out by a given company. Choosing the right team that will properly choose the air conditioner for the prevailing conditions, will allow later comfort associated with the use of air conditioning. In the long run, choosing the right company and air conditioner and installing it will have an impact on lower electricity bills and service costs.

Which air conditioner?

Depending on the needs, there are many types of air conditioners: split, multisplity and extensive VRF systems. Splits are ideal when effectively cooling one room. The multisplit air conditioner is intended for cooling entire apartments or houses. VRF systems can both cool, heat, moisturize and dry. More about the types of air conditioners can be found here: link

Design and assembly

Good design is the basis for later comfort. During the analysis, room measurements will be made and the type of air conditioner and power needed for effective work will be determined. After gathering all the necessary information, an exact cost estimate and scope of work may already be presented. Installation of the entire installation takes several days. This time is influenced by the size of the investment itself. For example, in a two-room apartment, the installation of the air conditioner can be done in one day, while in a large single-family house it can take up to a week.


It is very important to follow the rules of safe use of air conditioners. It is important to remember about regular inspections that should be carried out before and after the summer season. As a result, air conditioners will last longer and users will avoid unnecessary repair costs.

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