What are the ventilation systems?

Comfortable conditions are those in which the appropriate factors are met: air temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, carbon dioxide content in the air as well as lighting and noise levels. A properly selected and adjusted to the interior requirements air conditioner will help to achieve comfortable conditions. To make this possible, there are several air conditioning systems that will help achieve this goal.

Individual ventilation

This system allows air regulation, which adapts to the individual needs of the user, because he works in a direct distance from the place where he is. These types of air conditioning are used in medium-sized rooms such as offices. Comfort of use is ensured by filters installed in the device, which ensure the purity of air.

Mixing ventilation

It also occurs under other names, such as: jet ventilation or ventilation with a turbulent air flow. Such an air conditioner supplies air from the ceiling or windows, which connects to the polluted one, and then removes them, leaving clean and healthy air in the room. Dynamic air circulation is very important in this case, because it is blown at high speed. Thanks to this, the system allows to obtain a similar temperature and humidity in each room.

Positive displacement ventilation

This type of ventilation is used in public buildings. The displacement ventilation system works by blowing air at low speed from the floor level. The introduced air has a temperature lower than that prevailing in the room. In this way, a layer of fresh air is created over the entire floor surface. Thanks to this, polluted air rises towards the ceiling. The effect of this is the creation of comfortable conditions in the place where people stay.

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