Does air conditioning harm health?

Clean air, its proper temperature and humidity are the basic factors for the proper functioning of the human respiratory system. Air conditioning is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives, we deal with it in workplaces, shopping malls and more often in our homes. Therefore, the natural question seems to be whether it can have a negative impact on health, especially for people suffering from respiratory problems.

What’s the problem?
Well, air conditioners before cooling the extracted air clean them with the help of special filters, on which often various types of fungi and bacteria can settle, which multiply very quickly in conditions of increased humidity. Therefore, non-cleaned devices develop various types of mold that may be responsible for fungal infection or cause severe allergic reactions.
Air conditioning and allergy sufferers
More and more people suffer from inhalation allergy. It is usually caused by dust, animal hair or various types of plant pollen. The best method of treating allergies is to avoid harmful allergens, however, this is not always possible especially in the case of pollen floating in the air. Many people find the fault in the air conditioning that distributes these pollen indoors. However, as in the case of fungi and mold formation, the lack of or improper operation of the device is to blame.
Therefore, you need to know how to use our device correctly.
Operation of the air conditioner
If you use air conditioners in summer, turn off the device once a day and ventilate the room well. To effectively inhibit the development of fungi and mold, the device should be cleaned regularly and filters replaced as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Once a year, you should also clean the cables, but do not do it yourself, and ask the appropriate service technicians. If we take care of these elements, air conditioning will not pose any threat to the health of our respiratory tract.

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