Air conditioning and the environment.

Nowadays, air conditioning accompanies us at every step, in the office, in the apartment and even in the urban environment. The changing climate, whose changes we feel more and more clearly has a great impact on this situation. Paradoxically, the worse with the climate, the better for the air-conditioning business. At a time when the temperature outside increases from year to year, having air conditioning in your home is no longer an unnecessary luxury, but is slowly becoming a necessity. Hence, the very strong role of producers and distributors of cooling devices. However, for some time some scientific communities have been alerting that the increased number of air-conditioning devices has a negative impact on man and the natural environment.

Do we have anything to fear in the coming years?

The biggest problem today is the consumption of electricity by devices, which in turn affects the pollution of the natural environment by power plants, the number of which increases every year. Increasing demand results in an increase in production, which is also reflected in climate change (water consumption, burning fossil fuels). At the same time, overall consumer awareness of health and climate issues is also increasing. Companies in the industry are not blind to these phenomena, and as a result are becoming more and more popular the so-called energy-saving air conditioners. This solution allows you to reduce energy consumption by up to 25% (compared to old devices) while increasing the overall efficiency of the air conditioner. However, not everyone can afford „ECO” air conditioning today.

However, there are good practices to reduce the power consumption of our classic devices:

cleaning the exhaust ducts. The best way is to use a dry cloth, but in the case of heavy dirt, you can use soapy water. It is important not to use harsh chemicals to clean the air conditioner!
– carry out a service inspection at least once a year. It is important not to try to do it yourself, only commission a professional company, preferably a device supplier.
– cleaning air conditioning ducts, in which dirt and sediment are deposited.


Such care for our device will cause its longer life, less heating of the device, leading to energy saving and seemingly small, but very important impact on our environment.

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