LG Wins Innovation Award at RAC Cooling Awards

An interesting event organized with the participation of LG. An industry first, this front discharge, Multi V S Heat Recovery model, fits the gap between Multi Split systems and large VRF systems.


World’s First R32 Hybrid VRF Solution

More and more customers are choosing to install the multi-award winning Hybrid VRF and with free training and free 3-day commissioning on your first system, we are here to help you capitalize on this growing opportunity.


Seasonal efficiency explained. Mitsubishi Electric

This Mitsubishi Electric guide gives an overview of the Ecodesign Directive for Energy Related Products (ErP). The guide details how building services products are affected by ErP in terms of manufacturing, testing and market impact.


How to adjust the optimal summer temperature at home?

The best way to match the optimal temperature in your home is to test the air conditioning at different times during the day. It is worth testing at what temperatures you and your family feel the most comfortable.


Why is air conditioning maintenance important?

Depending on the agreed terms of the service contract, manufacturers of air conditioners provide constant care for your air conditioning. In each company, the terms of contracts may vary. It is worth remembering that establishing a long-term cooperation with a distributor often contributes to favorable service conditions.


The problems associated with the use of the old air-conditioning.

The technical condition of your air conditioner should be left to be assessed by specialists. They will help you assess whether it is time to replace the equipment with a new one or to service the current one.


Innovations in Air Conditioner units

Here we have some of the latest innovations in Air Conditioner industry that you can expect to see in the industry and at home near you soon. (więcej…)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We wish you new challenges, new horizons and new successes, in business as well as your private lives. (więcej…)

What type of air conditioners to choose for your home?

Currently, there are many types of refrigeration and heating devices available on the market. The choice is huge, but how to choose the best solution for your home or office? Our company comes in to help you check which device you are currently using. Maybe you have not had an air conditioner so far, so we’ll suggest what will be the best for you. We install devices from well-known manufacturers such as LG Electronics or Mitsubishi.


How to Prepare Your AC for winter season?

Do you want to prepare your air conditioning equipment in the house for the winter season? There are several steps that must be done to take care of your equipment and prevent breakdowns. Here are a few of them!  (więcej…)