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Protect yourself from variables prices with Daikin’s Commission With Confidence service. It is important here refrigerant supply, system charging and commissioning assistance, all for a uniform rate. So now you can enjoy confidence, while ensuring your system is commissioned for
of peak of efficiency. More news:

LG Wins Innovation Award at RAC Cooling Awards

An interesting event organized with the participation of LG. An industry first, this front discharge, Multi V S Heat Recovery model, fits the gap between Multi Split systems and large VRF systems.


Air conditioning in the office

Air conditioning in the workplace is at this point the standard in most companies, offices and service outlets, regardless of their size or business profile. Thanks to the lowering of the temperature, the employer creates comfortable conditions, thanks to which the employees are more productive and assess their workplace better. The optimal conditions that should be provided to office employees are 24 degrees in summer and around 22 degrees in winter. Air humidity should remain in the range of 40-60%. The installation of air conditioning not only provides it, but also allows you to correct it on a regular basis depending on your needs. (więcej…)



The air conditioners operate unattended, so we should remember that over time, dirt appears on the surface of their heat exchangers, fan blades and drip trays – coming from the dust, dust, fungi and bacteria in the air. Most of these impurities hold back the filter. Therefore, we must remember about a regular air conditioning service carried out by professionals who clean the filters and components inside the air conditioner.


Recommendations that we received from our clients :)


For years, we care of the high standard and comfort of work the clinic specialists as well as clients who always leave the clinic with a beautiful smile. An example of this is the smile of the owner of MS Refrigeration, which the da Vinci clinic cares for.


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The latest news from Daikin UK – London Build Expo 2018

Daikin UK is excited to be exhibiting at the 4th edition of the London Build Expo –  the leading construction and design show for London and the UK – at Olympia London on 23rd & 24th October.

Come visit us at stand S36, where our Key Projects team will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Using the air conditioner in winter

Air conditioning in the winter is a little known topic, and yet it would be ideal if one device be used throughout the year, regardless of the conditions outside and always have a comfortable temperature inside the building. The air conditioning is good for fall and mild winter. (więcej…)

World’s First R32 Hybrid VRF Solution

More and more customers are choosing to install the multi-award winning Hybrid VRF and with free training and free 3-day commissioning on your first system, we are here to help you capitalize on this growing opportunity.


Seasonal efficiency explained. Mitsubishi Electric

This Mitsubishi Electric guide gives an overview of the Ecodesign Directive for Energy Related Products (ErP). The guide details how building services products are affected by ErP in terms of manufacturing, testing and market impact.


How to adjust the optimal summer temperature at home?

The best way to match the optimal temperature in your home is to test the air conditioning at different times during the day. It is worth testing at what temperatures you and your family feel the most comfortable.