Cold Rooms

With the use of high quality insulated PV panels we create cold and chilled environments on both commercial and industrial scale. We can offer our customers a wide range of systems from cold stores to chilled distribution warehouses and walk-in freezers.Creating cold and chilled environments for perfect storage of your goods. Keep perishable goods and frozen goods in perfect conditions, no matter the size or need of your establishment, we can fit and service the perfect equipment for you. Each room or freezer is insulated with high quality PV panels to keep the cold air in.

Fitting for commercial and industrial operations
– Cold stores and cold rooms
– Hygienic food processing environments
– Chilled distribution warehouses
– Walk-in freezers

Ideal for:
– Shops
– Restaurants
– Hotels
– Clubs and pubs
– Offices
– Caterers
– Cafes
– Schools and universities
– Warehouses