Maintenance and services

We are proud to say that since the very beginning we have been providing a high level of service and commitment to our customers. They know they can rely on us 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We respond rapidly and effectively to any request for service.

Over the past few years, we became not only equipment providers for our customers but also their first port of call for service and maintenance. To meet this demand, MS Refrigeration have secured preferred supplier installer status with many of the leading manufactures such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and LG.

To ensure optimum performance of any system, regular maintenance should be carried out. This will ensure your refrigeration system will remain in a good working condition longer and consume less electricity.

We can offer our customers:
– Planned maintenance contracts
– Fixed term contracts
– Filter checks and cleaning to ensure full performance
– Chemical cleaning on dirty coils
– All types of air-conditioning systems covered
– All types of refrigeration equipment (excluding ammoniac systems)

One-off, fixed term and planned contract maintenance services
Ensuring optimum performance and longevity of your air conditioning system saves you from any nasty expensive repair bills much later on and bad air-flow conditions in the workplace.
We offer a range of maintenance options for your refrigeration systems to continue their lifespan, keep them in good working condition and optimise them to consume less electricity.

Range of options
Whether you have a one-off problem that needs to be checked and resolved or would like to keep a continued arrangement with us, please enquire.
– Planned maintenance contracts
– Fixed term contracts

All systems maintained
We perform checks and maintenance on all air-conditioning systems and all refrigeration equipment (excluding ammoniac systems) to a high standard using our professional engineers.

This includes:
– Filter checks and cleaning to ensure full performance
– Chemical cleaning on dirty coils


We would like to kindly inform you that our company name has changed
from MS Refrigeration to Aircono on 24.09.2019

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